Yume Nishimiya

My Proud Girlfriend Is No.1 Concafe Miss No.1 Nomination. Aegyo No.1. Sex No.1. I envy all the men who nominate Yumetan! ! I roll up every day. All-you-can-eat vaginal cum shot.

ボクの自慢の彼女はNo.1コンカフェ嬢 指名No.1。愛嬌No.1。セックスNo.1。ゆめたんを指名している男共羨ましいだろっ!!ボクは毎日ヤリまくり。中出しし放題。

IPVR-212 Storyline

In IPVR-212, My girlfriend is Yumetan, the No. 1 Concafe lady. When everyone is trying hard to get their attention, I roll up every day. All-you-can-eat vaginal cum shot. Just for me, I will serve you as a bear, a cat, and a fox! I don't have time to wither my cock because it looks too erotic and suits me too well. Injecting love into my heart in a flirtatious lover iron plate situation that Yumetan is good at.

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The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious.

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